Some of the people we know act aggressively sometimes. Surely, this increases the chances of conflict. Nevertheless, sometimes we cannot make someone behave in a proper way. See, we have to adapt and cope with the situation. Below, you’ll be able to see some techniques which can be helpful when communicating with aggressively-talking persons.

Keep calm.

Even if someone talks aggressively to you, you should not do it. That’ll only make the situation worse. You cannot joust shout at someone because they did. Being calm will serve as an invitation to the interlocutor to also be calm. Make sure to explain and give arguments for your ideas.

Be unyielding.

The point is not to allow the screamy to win the argument just by raising the voice or being aggressive. The interlocutor may have reasons for being aggressive but that doesn’t mean you should tolerate and wait for him/her to calm down. Keep explaining your point and be polite at the same time.

Don’t fall prey.

If an aggressive person is insulting you, you should not always take it for granted. They don’t usually mean it. It’s just that they are not thinking about it in the proper way. You should not do the same thing as the aggressive interlocutor is doing. Tro to refer to yourself mostly and don’t aim for accusations. The interlocutor will surely step back if you don’t be rude.

Try to make it funny.

Your sense of humor is always there for you. You’ll not use it in every given situation but talking with an aggressive person may be an option. The interlocutor will be more relaxed and probably won’t shout anymore. Nevertheless, you should be careful and brave to interchange in a funny statement or situation because it can result in a boomerang and make thing worse.

Decent arguments.

If the interlocutor is shouting, most probably they will lose the argument. But the problem is that he/she won’t accept that. What you should do is to give proper arguments for your thoughts and words. Don’t let your arguments to be bad-intentioned but rather to be clear, understandable and unbiased.

People make mistakes.

First of all, you also make mistakes. So, try to keep this in mind every time you argue with an aggressively-talking person. Maybe he/she is doing a mistake and won’t do it the next time. Try to show some empathy. Seeing the situation from the interlocutor’s point of view will help you understand better.