Sleep is so good that we usually want to sleep more. It seems like we’ve less energy in the morning and no motivation to do several tasks, for the majority of people. The lowest number of activities we do in the morning because we procrastinate so much. Nevertheless, there are some people who have it easier to wake up, or better say they’ve made it easier to themselves. But how? Let’s find out on how to make our morning more productive.

Massaging your ears.

Yes, I know it may sound a bit strange. But if you don’t try you never know. See, massaging your ears is very helpful to have an easier and better wake up. Sure, you can do this just as you wake up, without getting out of your bed. Make the massaging the first task of the day. Gently rub and massage the sensitive parts in your ear and you’ll feel better and also waken up.

Lemon water.

Don’t let coffee be the very first thing you drink in the morning, especially if you don’t eat breakfast. Instead of that, try to drink a glass of warm water with lemon slices in it. It will improve the digestion, the intestines as well as your kidneys. Furthermore, the presence of lemon in warm water is essential for clearing toxins away. Not only this as this beverage also improves your immune system. You can also squeeze the lemon and add theĀ peels in the glass of water. It is recommended to eat 30 minutes after drinking this water.

Tongue cleaning.

You already know that you should clean your teeth minimum twice a day to have fewer bacteria in your mouth. But, that’s not all bacteria because some are found also in your tongue. Make sure to gently clean your tongue with your toothbrush. Don’t rub too hard as you might damage the surface of the tongue.


There are a lot of benefits from honey like improving memory, alleviate symptoms of allergies, curing coughs and so on. Knowing these facts, but also other facts which you might be aware of, it is good to eat a spoon of honey early in the morning. Of course, you should find a fresh and natural honey and you’re suggested to eat breakfast some 20 minutes after eating honey.

Hydrogen peroxide for your teeth.

At the end of this morning routine, all you have to do is to clean your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide. Remember to comply with the user rules of this product. For 50 ml of water, you should only drop five to seven drops of a 3% hydrogen peroxide. It will make your teeth look brighter.