This is a really funny story so don’t hesitate to read until the end. It takes place in Wacken, a municipality in Germany. From August 2nd to August 4th, there was held the Wacken Open Air music festival, of which many of you may be aware. This is one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world and this year it sold out more than 75000 tickets, according to the Some of the most known groups were Arch Enemy, Danzig, Running Wild, Judas Priest, and others.

From last year, a fan who attended the festival would consume 5.1 liters of beer on average, according to Statista, says Blabbermouth. This year, the festival also recorded an innovation. Wacken Open Air, in collaboration with the Electronic Sports League (ESL), created sports areas which included games like League of Legends and also Battlegrounds.

Sure, until here, these are just statistics and nothing extraordinary. But the article has just started. The funniest and most interesting part of this event is the alleged presence of two men. They were not simple men as they have been reported suffering from mental illnesses, says the Deutsche Welle. Indeed, these men are 58 and 59-years-old, according to another article by Deutsche Welle on the matter.

They left the retirement care home, in Dithmarschen, and went on the Wacken city. When their lack of presence was noticed, the retirement institution contacted the police, stating the situation. When they were found, they were told to leave the festival and get back to where they were. Police said they were disoriented and drunk.

I imagine their will to attend the festival as it is such a great and unforgettable experience. I just imagine it as I am not a big fan of metal music and I cannot precisely understand how they might have felt. The police told Deutsche Welle that:

They obviously liked the metal festival,

The care home quickly organized a return transport after police picked them up.

After they were found, the police took them to the festival’s medical tent for health checks. In its updated article, Deutsche Welle states that:

The men did, indeed, leave their care home and headed to the town of Wacken, which is located near the festival. However, the men did not have tickets for the festival and were not at any of the festival events, police said.