There are many things to be done in the morning but we have the tendency to do only a few of them. Many people wake up tired in the morning, probably because they haven’t slept well and because they have other health problems. Some people say that you should drink a glass of water immediately after waking up. Well, those who propose this method say that it helps you with different health issues. Let’s have a look at the benefits of drinking a glass of water right after waking up according to a woman who tried it.

Feeling fresher.

She states that:

A few days after starting to drink water in the morning, I began to feel lighter. I could feel that my body was detoxifying more easily.

Improved metabolism.


Metabolism is way more important than we think it is. The woman who tried drinking a glass of water in the morning, for one month says that she didn’t felt the hunger between meals anymore. Not only this but she also adds that she felt more energetic.

You’ll lose weight.

It is not a cause-effect situation. See, you don’t lose weight because you drink water. You lose weight because you’ll improve your metabolisation and since you feel more energetic, you’ll exercise more.

Good against acid reflux.


A lot of people suffer from acid reflux which, in few words, is when your stomach’s juices, usually acidic, come to your diaphragm. She says that:

But after I started to drink water every morning, this problem disappeared and I no longer felt that horrible discomfort after every meal.

What are the rules for drinking water on an empty stomach?

Read below how to properly drink water just right after waking up.

  • You are highly recommended to drink 160 grams of water. You should drink it immediately after waking up and before brushing your teeth.
  • After drinking the water you’re not suggested to eat for some 45 minutes.
  • Also, you should drink water some half an hour before eating, except for the breakfast.
  • Don’t worry if you cannot immediately drink 160 grams of water. Start with a lower amount of water and start to increase it until you reach the suggested amount.

In order to see the differences, people who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes should wait one month. Those who suffer from gastritis and constipation should wait just ten days to see the difference.