Let’s agree on something in the beginning so that you can gladly continue reading further: nowadays kids differ a lot to kids from 30 years ago.

There is a common belief that nowadays kids have become more narcissistic and lazy compared to their years-ago counterparts. It is not easy to understand the reasons behind this. Parents are usually on the doubt whether it is their fault or not. Indeed, this is an issue firstly covered by Lauren Tamm here at themilitarywifeandmom.com. She mentions some behaviors which will contribute to having well-adjusted kids. Keep reading to find out.

1. Empathy.

The first thing to highlight is that kids aren’t born with the feeling of empathy. It is a feeling that is learned through time. Is there any better person than you who can teach what empathy is to your kid? I don’t think so. Empathy is correlated with happiness and also success in the future, as suggested by Dr. Michele Borba.

2. Playing with your kid.

I know that, as adults, we don’t have the needed time nor we get the same pleasure by playing. We are mostly focused on working and we’re also often stressed. The problem is that our kids don’t understand that. Also, they don’t spend most of the time at work. It shouldn’t be hard for you to understand that playing is like their working process. So, help them play and strengthen the connection with them.

3. Brick walls.

I know that you may not feel good when you deny your kid from something but that’s not the end of the world. It is a good thing to expect that your kid will disagree and fight back, continuously asking for what they want. But, they will scream in the beginning and will take some time until they accept the boundary which you have set. Remember that you shouldn’t just say no but rather you should also explain why in the most suitable manner.

4. Occurrences are more important than things.

Sally While says that the most wanted thing for kids is the quality time. Thus, if you don’t spend enough time with them, they will require things to play with because they are constantly curious to try new things. But, they will not remember that black and white ball which you bought them but rather they will remember the time when you teach your son how to kick the ball and played together football for the first time.

5. Playing music.

According to the article at time.com, by Melissa Locker, playing a musical instrument will influence further development of your kid’s brain. When your kid hears a new sound, he will process a new information and will develop neurophysiological distinction which can be later translated into improved academic results.

6. Get your kid out to play.

Nowadays kids are spending less time outdoors. This is translated into fewer playing and emotional regulation problems. By playing outside, your kid will significantly improve his creativity and also emotional stability, says Meryl Davis Landau. Your kids will learn how to better interact with other kids and will also see new places, animals, things, structures etc.