There are a lot of people who apply the stereotype that the taller a person, the more easier he or she has it to find a beautiful and attractive partner. But I think that this is just a stereotype and that is not totally true. Nevertheless, there might be some truth about it. Girls, in particular, have the tendency to chose a taller man as their partners. This doesn’t mean that men have the tendency to chose a taller woman as their partner.

Nevertheless, let’s focus on a recent study titled “Does a taller husband make his wife happier?” conducted by Dr. Kitae Sohn, a professor of the Konkuk University and published in the The study analyzed data from two different surveys, the Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) and the Indonesian Family Life Survey East (IFLS East). The study was able to discover that the correlation amongst man height and happiness for women existed. The correlation was that women happiness tended to increase as the height of husbands increased. Nevertheless, this correlation appeared to drop over time. The study found that relation between the height of husband and woman happiness was not significant after approximately 18 years of marriage.

It seems that the taller a husband is, the happier is the wife, but this is not only about excess centimeters but with the effects of being a tall person. Hence, being a tall man is accompanied by higher reliability and proficiency in the workplace. So, with this being said, tall men are more predisposed to be promoted in their profession and thus to earn more money. More money means a higher potential for general happiness and women value this. Another aspect is that taller men are seen as more attractive¬†by women. This increases their life gratification. Higher life gratification is proportionally related to increased self-esteem. What is that woman who doesn’t like a man who is satisfied with life and has high self-esteem?!

It seems that women feel more secure by having a taller man by their side. This assumption can also be supported by a biological evolution aspect. Back in the hunting-time, some many many years ago, it is normal to think that women felt more secure with a tall and strong man because he was more capable of protecting them and was surely a better hunter. Having enough food and feeling secure was almost all that a woman could wish back in the days.

Nevertheless, the study does not definitely say that tall men are more capable of offering a better and happier life for women. I think that women have the tendency to make what is called “the natural selection”. However, I don’t think that height is the main factor for this process. Indeed, a combination of different factors is more probable to be true for women’s natural selection process. In conclusion, I don’t think that this process is prevalent to love. Love is based on compassion and chemistry and may not be depended on measurable factors which we have mentioned above.